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Lynn Bridges

Financial Advisor, President, and Founder

Lynn Bridges, President and Founder of Bridges Wealth Preservation, Inc., lives in St. George, Utah, with his wife, Jill, of over 41 years. When he is not helping his clients, he is hiking and riding his mountain bike in the beautiful red rocks and desert trails of southern Utah.

He began his career in 1986. He founded Bridges Wealth Preservation, Inc. in 2004 so he could provide retirement income strategies to his clients that were not created in a home office.

With over 35 years of experience, Lynn has helped guide families through the process of retirement and asset transference. He is unique in that he understands that every person has their own specific vision of retirement. That’s why he creates plans that are specifically designed for each individual client and/or situation. Lynn’s clients are not just clients, they are personal friends for life. We understand that today’s markets can be turbulent, and we believe in providing less risky returns that might outpace inflation. He is passionate about his clients getting a paycheck as long as they live.

Lynn understands healthcare and its devastating risks and costs for retirees. Therefore, long-term care issues are addressed with unique and sometimes uncommon strategies. Taxes are also a unique consideration. Unnecessary taxes paid take away from providing the lifestyle people want and deserve in retirement.

Lynn is an advisor who is dedicated to helping you pursue your retirement dream. He is extremely accomplished, with years of experience in all forms of planning.


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